Abstracts requirements

Work is typed on a computer or printed on a typewriter https://essaypirate.com/term-paper-writing/. Pages of text and applications of the abstract should correspond to the format A4 (210×297).
The volume of the abstract should not exceed 20 – 25 pages of printed text (without applications). In the presence of applications, the volume of the abstract can be expanded to 30-35 pages.
For text made on a computer – font size 12-14, Times New Roman, normal; the interval between lines -1.5-2; the size of the fields: the left – 30 mm, the right – 10 mm, the top -20 mm, the lower – 20 mm.
Text is printed on one side of the page; footnotes and notes are printed on the same page to which they refer (after 1 interval, in a smaller font than the text).
Each structural part of the work (introduction, main part, conclusion, etc.) begins with a new page. The distance between the chapter and the text following it, as well as between the chapter and the paragraph, is 2 – 3 intervals.
After the header, located in the middle of the line, there is no dot. It is not allowed to emphasize the title and hyphenation in the title words.
Pages are numbered in increasing order. All pages are numbered starting from the title page; the figure of the page number is placed at the top center or on the right of the page. The cover page is included in the overall numbering, but the page number on it is not set (this does not apply to the content of the work).
Be sure to refer to the literature in the abstract.
Applications: drawings, drawings, graphics are made with black paste. They are not included in the total amount of work
The completed work must be stitched.

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